The incentive for creating a Museum of Greek Children` s Art was based on the growing response and broad appeal of the annual Nationwide Children` s Art Contest, launched by the Museum of Milies in 1987, within the range of its educational activities.

It was also based on the outstanding success of every exhibition with the prize winning  artwork of each contest organized by the Association of the Friends of the Milies Museum from1991 to 1994 at the Museum of Cycladic Art and on the enthusiastic comments won by Greek children`s artwork hosted at the Oslo International Museum of Children`s Art in 1992, at the Children`s Museum of Manhattan, New-York, and at the Mayfair Gallery in London, between 1992 and 1994.

The Museum of Greek Children` s Art was founded in 1994 by the Association of its Friends and is housed in a neo-classical mansion in Plaka, on 9 Kodrou Street. It was inaugurated in December 1994.

The Museum of Greek Children` s Art is recognized as Non- Profit  Public Benefit Cultural Association governed by a 7-member Board selected every 3 years by the Assembly General of the Association that founded it and is responsible for its operation.

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The Secretary General of the Association, Helen Fay Stamati was appointed Director of the Museum, a position she hekd up 2009.

The aim of the Museum is to preserve, study and promote Children` s Art, to develop children` s aesthetics and creativity, to enhance their contact and love for all forms of art.

The Museum organizes Children` s Art exhibitions in its premises and promotes the exchange of exhibitions with relevant Institutions in Greece and abroad.

The collections of the Museum include some 6.000 drawings and
3-dimensional artwork by children up to 14 years-old, prize-winning entries in the Nationwide Children` s Art Contests launched since 1994, selected artwork from the Museum` s Art Workshops for children and programmes for people with special needs organized in its premises.

The collections also include artwork granted by the Local Museum in Milies,

Mount-Pelion as a contribution to the creation of the newly established Museum of Children` s Art in Athens. 

Drawing from its collections, the Museum renews its exhibitions on a regular basis.

In designing exhibitions, the Museum aims to look out for new ideas of visual presentation, allowing a multi-dimensional communication with children` s art. Children` s artwork is presented with respect as is due to artwork by a renown artist in a contemporary Museum.

Exhibitions such as -Mother and Child-, -Father and Child-, -The tree, a source of life-,-Visions of my city-, -My favorite sport-,-A journey into the depths of the earth-, -Painting Picasso`s Guernica-,-When children met Paul Klee-, were very successful and had a great appeal to visitors of all ages.

Based on every exhibition, the Museum`s Educational Department studies and carries out daily educational programmes for Pre-school children and pupils of Primary Schools, presented by the Museum`s staff, specially trained in the field of art education. Programmes for people with special needs are also carried out in collaboration with the relevant Institution adapted to the needs and potential of each group.

The Museum also realizes in its premises 3-and 8-month Art Workshops for children. Children that take part have the opportunity to work with various materials, to experiment with different techniques and to discover personal ways of expression, in order to create their own work of art.

Collaborating with teachers in the frame of children` s aesthetic education is a basic concern of the Museum. The Museum organized since 1995, 8-month long Seminars-workshops addressed mainly to teachers of Pre-school and

Primary level based on the use of materials and techniques.

In the same range of collaboration, the Museum` s Educational Department has designed 4 Museum-kits – mobile educational programmes – on loan free of charge.

Artwork from the Museum` s collections is being presented in exhibitions both in Greece and abroad in view of promoting the image of children` s art.

Important exhibitions have been realized by the Museum, at the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Saint Marc Basilica in Herakleion, Crete, at the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation in Nafplion, the International Olympic Academy in Olympia and at the Headquarters of the Organization Committee of the ‘Athens 2004’ Olympic Games. Exhibitions of children` s art have also been presented at the Cycladic Art Museum, the Hellenic-American Union, at the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum and at the Athens Concert Hall.

Exhibition of Greek Children` s art from the Museum` s collections have been presented at the United Nations Headquarters Building and the Hellenic Cultural Foundation in New-York, at the Permanent Delegation of the Hellenic Parliament at Strasbourg and at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne during the Athens Olympic Games.

In 2005 the Museum organized its 1st Scientific Congress referring to “Children` s Art- Modern Art’ with presentations by Members of the Academy of Athens, distinguished University Professors, personalities of the Visual Arts with educational experience, and by the staff of the Museum of Greek Children` s Art.

It must be noted that the multiple activities organized by the Museum could not have been realized without the moral and financial support of sponsors and donators.

Celebrating by the end of 2009 its 15th anniversary, the Museum of Greek Children` s Art faces the new decade dynamically and with optimism. 

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