Hosted at the Milies Cultural Centre during the summer months for a number of years, the exhibition is since 2005 permanently on display at the Milies railway station open to the public on the days the train reaches Milies.

The exhibition was studied, designed and presented in 1996 to celebrate the return of the train`s service connecting Milies to the city of Volos after 25 years of imposed inactivity.

The exhibition focuses on the history of the train, on the construction of the railway line with its bridges, tunnels and retaining walls, on the operation of the train`s engine, while a detailed map helps visitors follow the train`s journey.

The exhibition also refers to the changes the train brought to the

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villagers` life when it reached Milies in 1903, as it provided an easy access to the city of Volos.

Details on the efforts undertaken by the Association of the Friends of the Train in order to ensure the revival of the train` s operation, judged as unprofitable in 1971 by the authorities, are also recorded in the exhibition.

The exhibition is enhanced with reproductions of artwork by the painter Giorgio De Chirico showing images of the train in the background as well as with drawings created by children during art workshops organized by the Museum.


Please note: A translation of the texts in English is available to foreign visitors.

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