The interest of the Local Museum of Milies regarding the protection of the environment began in1991 with the organization of a relevant exhibition, the design of educational worksheets and creative activity workshops for children.

Basic material for the exhibition was granted by the Helmepa Society, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Hellenic Girl Scouts Association.

In collaboration initially with the Milies Cultural Centre and recently with the Milies Christian Centre, the exhibition is hosted in Milies during the summer months, mainly addressed  to children of pre-school and primary level education.

The exhibition has also been presented at the Cultural Centre of the nearby village of Agria, at the summer camps of the Community of Portaria and at the primary school of the village of Neochori, while under

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the responsibility of the teacher Gerasimos Tsimbloulis it has been made available to a number of schools in the city of Volos.

Since October 2007, enriched with a wider range of photographs and a power-point programme, a relevant museum-kit is on loan free of charge.


 Protecting forests from fire
 Keeping the coasts clean
 Let` s not waste water
 Recycling garbage

Aim of the exhibition

The main objective of the exhibition is to inform children on matters concerning the protection of the environment, to motivate their sensitivity urging them to interact so as to contribute dynamically to its preservation.

Side activities

The exhibition is enhanced with relevant creative activities for children.

During one of the workshops, children designed and painted signposts inducing us to keep the village free of garbage.

Following the disastrous fires of 2007, they painted signposts for the protection of forests from fire, while  the year after they painted eco-bags in an effort to limit the use of plastic bags.

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