The collection was set up in 1982 by Costas and Fay Stamati, presenting pictures and data from the history of the village and the daily traditional life of the local inhabitants aiming to maintain and promote the local cultural heritage.

The collection was housed in an old  farrier` s smithy restored according to the local architecture. Open on all weekends and holidays, the “museum” as the villagers named it, became a point of reference of particular interest.

A sightseeing map – a brochure – postcards – a poster

The lack of space in the old smithy drove the founders, from the early start, to study, design and publish a sightseeing map of the village,

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mentioning all centers of interest and traditional workshops, inciting visitors to discover Milies on their own.

The brochure of the collection in Greek, English and French, a poster with the captivating landscape of the local railway station and a set of postcards with highlights of the area were also made available to the public.

Donation of the Private Collection to the Community of Milies

In 1987 the exhibits of the private Collection are donated to the Community of Milies to be permanently on display in the newly established Community-owned headquarters, a traditional Pelion mansion located next to the main square.

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