Born in Athens, daughter of Constantine Tsaousoglou, from Constantinople, and Aspasia Pavlides from Athens.

Married to architect Constantine Stamatis, she has a daughter, Eva, graphic designer and Director of the Museum of Greek Children` s Art.

As a primary school pupil, she attended an English College in Alexandria, Egypt, and later on a French school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

1961 Graduate of the official State School of Tourist Guides.

1961 -1978 Works as Official State tourist guide.

1982 Inaugurates the Private Collection at Milies, Mount-Pelion focusing on the local history and traditional life of the village.

1983 Publishes the book “The packsaddle – a living tradition on a Greek mountain village” in Greek, English and French.

1983 -1985 Organizes exhibitions and presents lectures on Milies.

1984  Exhibition concerning the packsaddle and the village of Milies in the city of Volos, Athens, Nafplion and at the annexe of the Geneva Ethnographic Museum.

1984 Participates in The Rolex Awards for the Spirit of Enterprise and is awarded an Honourable Mention for her project of preserving a greek village's heritage by organizing a live museum.

1985 The exhibition is moved to Nicosia, Cyprus.

1986 -1989 Organizes the event “Come to Milies – Experience traditional ways of life on Mount-Pelion”.

1987 Donates the Private Collection to the Community of Milies leading to the establishment of the Milies Community Local Museum.
Appointed  Director of the Museum.

1987 – 1993 Organizes an annual Nationwide Greek Children`s Drawing Contest launched by the Milies Local Museum.

1989 Publishes her richly illustrated book “Milies, a village on Mount-Pelion”, in Greek and English.

1990 Designs and produces 4 Museum-kits on loan by the Milies Local Museum.

1991 Supports the foundation of the “Friends of the Milies Museum Association”, based in Athens. Appointed Secretary General of the Board of Directors, a position she is still holding.

1991 Organizes in Milies an exhibition on the Protection of the Environment.

1991 – 1994 Presents exhibitions of Children`s Art from the Milies Local Museum at the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens.

1992 Organizes a Children`s Art exhibition at the International Museum of Children` s Art in Oslo.

1993 The exhibition is moved to the Children`s Museum of Manhattan, New York and at the Mayfair Gallery in London.

1994 Participates in the process for the foundation of a Children`s Art Museum in Athens.

1994 Appointed Secretary General of the Board and Director of the Museum of Greek Children`s Art a position she held up to 2009 remaining since then as Secretary General.

1994 – 2009 Responsible for the development and activities of the Museum of Greek Children`s Art.

1996 Organizes in Milies the exhibition “The local train of Mount-Pelion”.

2007 Sets up an exhibition for the 25th anniversary of the Local Museum of Milies.

2009 Presents a photography exhibition in Athens.

2009 Organizes in Milies the exhibition “From the spinning top to the computer”

Member of I.C.O.M.(International Committee of Museums), the Hellenic Folklore Society, the Geneva Ethnographic Museum, the Friends of the Gennadius Library and the Friends of the Benaki Museum.

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